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Flagler County Overview

Flagler County is located on the east coast of Florida approximately 30 miles north of Daytona and 60 miles south of Jacksonville.


The City of Bunnell is the county seat and Palm Coast is the largest city by population. 


Flagler County is part of the Deltona–Daytona Beach–Ormond Beach, Florida metropolitan statistical area (DDO MSA), which includes Flagler and Volusia Counties and is also included in the Orlando-Deltona-Daytona Beach, FL Combined Statistical Area.



The estimated 2016 to 2021 population growth rate for Flagler County (6 percent) is higher than the DDO MSA (3 percent), Duval County (3 percent), Volusia County (3 percent), JAX MSA (4 percent), the State of Florida (4 percent) and the United States (3 percent). 



Our comprehensive “Business Concierge” approach is accelerating the growth and diversity of industry in our community. Streamlined processes, employee recruitment and maximized productivity increase your company’s bottom-line. Whether your business is a tech support center, finance firm, a service provider or other established professional technology business, Flagler County provides the environment, workforce and business assistance you need to succeed.

BUSINESS CONCIERGE SERVICES : We understand the intricacies of business, as such, our level of business assistance and  attention to detail is unparalleled.     

While Florida offers an economical alternative to other competitive states with land, labor, and capital being more affordable, Flagler County is extremely competitive within the State of Florida. We provide an environment where the cost of doing business is even more adventageous.

Creative Incentive programs: We are aggressively seeking to expand the local economy and offer competitive performance-based incentive programs.


COST-EFFECTIVE TAX AND WAGE STRUCTURE : We have a business-friendly tax climate, no State income tax, and our average annual wage is less than the national average.

FAVORABLE COST-OF-LIVING : Our Cost-of-Living index is below the national average. 

A healthy, vibrant local economy depends on the well-being of local businesses. Our BR&E program maintains a dialogue between the local businesses, economic development entities, and state and local decision makers. Effective communication and long term partnerships that result in proactive identification and resolution of industry-related issues, concerns and opportunities.


SKILLED WORKFORCE & TRAINING:  We boast excellent customized employee training programs as well as a talent pipeline through The University of Central Florida, and Daytona State College.     

PROXIMITY TO  INNOVATION : Flagler County is the northernmost tip of Florida’s High Tech Corridor, a regional economic development initiative whose mission is to grow the technology industry and innovation in the region through research, workforce and marketing partnerships.  This provides an established research pipeline and partner.  Our technology-rich region is drawn together by its three research universities.

Consistent reliability, higher speeds and dedicated bandwidth give businesses that locate in Flagler County a distinct technological advantage.   Fiber optics internet is the preferred choice for national and international businesses that require a fast, reliable, secure  internet connection.  

RELIABLE POWER : FPL is the most reliable utility in Florida and is recognized as having the best comprehensive reliability performance in the nation. It currently serves many mission critical facilities offering absolute redundancies and provides 100% reliability to those customers.


















NO ICE, NO SNOW, NO HURRICANES : Flagler County has never suffered a direct hit by what the National Hurricane Center classifies as a “Major Hurricane.”  The National Hurricane Center defines major hurricanes as Category 3 and higher.  Additionally the county has never had a hurricane make landfall on our shores. 

This region is one of the least likely places on the Atlantic or Gulf Coasts to experience a hurricane. Due to a “recurvature effect”, storms heading toward the area are influenced by the Bermuda high pressure system from the west and are driven northward.

COMMUTER ACCESSIBILITY : Company officers and employees will benefit from the ease of access to major highway, the local corporate airport and nearby regional international airports.

LIFESTYLE : Every community promises a great quality of life; We deliver.



State QTI Incentives are Doubled in Flagler 


Competing in today’s global market is challenging.  Selecting a business location should not be. That’s why Flagler County and Florida have developed a business-friendly environment where an entrepreneurial spirit, competitive costs and streamlined regulations are the drivers that enable businesses like yours to innovate and grow.  We understand your business needs and stand ready to welcome your company with our creative workforce, global connectivity and high quality of life. 

Below is a list of the potential incentives offered by the State and the County that we will customize to benefit your business.


Florida Qualified Target Industry Incentive – The State offers a tax refund based on the number of employees hired at a wage that is 15% above the local average.  Businesses that locate in Flagler County are entitled to up to DOUBLE the incentive offered in many other Florida communities. 

Florida Quick Response Training Grant – This grant provides funding for customized employee training to new and expanding businesses.

CAPITAL INVESTMENT TAX CREDIT (CITC) - The CITC is an annual credit, provided for up to twenty years, against your corporate income tax. Eligible projects must create a minimum of 100 jobs and invest at least $25 million in eligible capital costs. Eligible capital costs include all expenses incurred in the aquisition, construction, installation, and equipping of a project from the beginning of construction to the commencement of operations.

INCUMBENT WORKER TRAINING (IWT) - This program provides employers with funds to train currently employed workers in an effort to keep their firms and workers competitive. The program addresses retraining to meet changing skill requirements caused by new technology, retooling, new product lines and new organizational structures.

SALES TAX EXEMPTIONS - Florida offers sales and use tax exemptions on a variety of business purchases, including machinery and equipment used by a new or expanding manufacturer, research and development equipment, and certain other items.

FLORIDAFLEX - FLORIDAFLEX provides grant funding for customized training to new or expanding businesses. The program is flexible and structured to respond quickly to meet business training objectives. Reimbursable training expenses include: instructor’s/trainers’ salaries, curriculum development, textbooks/manuals, and material/supplies.


Flagler County is aggressively seeking to further expand and diversify the local economy.  As such, our creative local incentives separate us from competing communities.

Flagler County CASH Employment Incentive - The County offers a performance-based cash incentive program.  The value is based on the number of employees hired and the average wage.  

Flagler County New Construction Incentive –  This grant provides funds to companies that relocate to Flagler County and construct new facilities.  The incentive is based on assessed value of the final construction paid annually over 10 years. 

Flagler County/City of Bunnell Impact Fee Moratorium – Transportation impact fees have been eliminated in some areas of the county. 

Utility Incentives – TECO GAS– Lowest Rate in Florida - TECO gas also provides custom technical support and expertise to new and expanding customers.

Utility Incentives – FPL Electric, Florida Power and Light - 5-25% Rate Discount - They already offer the lowest electric rates in Florida. FPL, our partner for electricity, offers new and expanding Flagler County businesses additional discounts between 5% and 25%, based on use.  Additionally their economic development rates are 17% - 37% below the national average.

We look forward to further understanding your plans and process so that we can customize an incentive program for you.

City of Palm Coast CASH Employment Incentive – Palm Coast offers a performance-based cash incentive program.  The value is based on the number of employees hired and retained and the average wage.  

CareerSource Employee Training Incentive  – A catalyst for creating and nurturing world-class talent, CareerSource offers performance-based employee training incentives.  A maximum value of $50,000 per year is available to local bussinesses.

Research and Development Matching Grant Incentive – Flagler County businesses can benefit from grants in collaboration with the major Florida Universities, that also allows our businesses to engage the top talent in the region for your company research and development projects.  (Subject to research initiative acceptance)

Fiber Optic Incentive – Depending on the area of the County that you locate, there may be multi-year service and set up fee rebates of up to $25,000.





Our Workforce:   A reliable, skilled workforce is critical for any expanding or relocating business.  Equally essential is a continued pipeline of future employees.  Based on a report by Boyette Strategic Advisors, Flagler County has the highest growth rate (11.4%) within the Millennial and GenZ generational categories in the region, which is also greater than the State and National rates. CareerSource Flagler/Volusia conducted an  employee database search of the immediate area and learned that there are hundreds of regional jobseekers currently online with CareerSource skills applicable to the industry. Finally, Flagler County’s average annual salary and the Northeast Florida target sector average wage are extremely competitive, as demonstrated on the chart to the right.

Our charge is to provide a workforce that is able to keep up with rapidly changing technology in order to stay competitive in today’s global marketplace. Therefore, Flagler County has developed relationships with local businesses, educational institutions, workforce boards and manufacturing associations to develop professional training programs.  These relationships  create custom programs for your employees’ professional growth and development.  

Custom Training Programs—Flagler County boasts excellent technical employee training programs.  For example, Daytona State College offers certificates and degrees in a number of technical, business and finance programs.  Additionally, the college staff is experienced at creating a customized course curriculum to fit your company’s needs.

Customized Workforce Digital Recruitment: Flagler County offers our businesses the opportunity to brand their own microsite on YouCanInFlaglerCounty.com, the area’s most comprehensive workforce recruitment website. This strategic resource, targeted at Millennial and Gen-X professionals,  is designed to uniquely meet the recruiting and hiring needs of companies relocating to Flagler County.

Cash Reimbursement Program— One of the grants available to our businesses is the On-The-Job Training program.  This grant provides a great advantage to our local businesses and workforce.  It is designed to invest in your company and your employee through continued training.  The employee must be with the company for a minimum of ninety days in order to be eligible for the program.  All training contracts and reimbursements are subject to funding availability.

Employee Recruitment Services—In addition to assisting companies with job posting needs, CareerSource Flagler/Volusia provides recruitment assistance to fill large numbers of available positions.  Sample services include: 

  • Basic Assistance – This recruitment service allows the business to meet directly with employment applicants at one or more of the CareerSource One-Stop locations.  or through online programs.


  • Mass Hiring Event – This service includes locating an appropriate recruitment facility, advertising specific job openings, utilizing the job-seeker registration system, accessing the applicant-screening computer lab, and general administrative staff support .   





Flagler County is home to a general aviation and and corporate jet executive airport with a Foriegn Trade Zone.  Additionally, there are four major airports that serve the area with minimal traffic and easy access.  Combined, these airports have non-stop service to 85 U.S. destinations and 28 countries.  

AIRPORT                                       Travel Time
ORLANDO INT’L.                        90 minutes
JACKSONVILLE INT’L.                 70  minutes
SANFORD ORLANDO INT’L.      60 minutes
DAYTONA BEACH INT’L.            30 minutes



Ideally located for logistics/distribution, ground transportation to and from Flagler County is easy. Interstate 95 and Interstate 4 corridors, Routes 1 and 100, are all accessible in minutes.  

Highway         Travel Time
I-95                  5 minutes
I-4                    30 minutes
I-295               45 minutes
I-10                 50 minutes
I-75                 90 minutes

The Florida East Coast Railway (‘FECR’) is a 351-mile freight rail system located along the east coast of Florida. It is the exclusive rail provider to South Florida’s ports and connects with other railway systems to move freight throughout the country. Traversing Flagler County along the U.S. Route 1 Corridor, it provides end-to-end carload and intermodal solutions to customers that demand more cost-effective options without compromising service quality.



Flagler County is located at the midpoint between JAXPort and Port Canaveral with convenient highway travel between ports.

JAXPORT is a full-service, international trade seaport that handles containerized cargo, automobiles, boats, construction equipment, dry and liquid bulks and over-sized cargoes.

PORT CANAVERAL is a cruise, cargo and naval port within 70 minutes of Flagler County.   The port transships items for land, sea, air and space. Both Ports are Foreign Trade Zones (FTZs).  Port Canaveral is among the largest general purpose FTZs in the nation - over 5 square miles. 





We work closely with our educational institutions to develop programs aimed at providing our businesses the specialized skilled workforce they need today and the talent pipeline they anticipate needing tomorrow.    

In addition to our nationally recognized Universities, Flagler County is in the enviable position to offer:  


  • a progressive public school system that offers college preparation as well as industry-specific certificates 

  • technical post-secondary institutions offering customized curriculum based on current business needs

  • numerous private elementary schools/academies for special need, i.e. Montessori School, Charter School, School for the Deaf & Blind, etc.

“Contemporary education should provide a level of knowledge that all members 
 of our society must possess regardless of any specialized occupation or profession.”




Every community promises a great quality of life - we deliver!

Flagler County has 19 miles of pristine, cinnamon-colored beaches, breathtaking scenery, tranquil waterways, world-class resorts and an unrivaled county-wide park system.   The County shares a glimpse of the Old Florida while offering exciting communities, attractions, events and activities.


Nestled between busy Daytona Beach to the south and     historic St. Augustine to the north, Flagler County is a destination.  Residents and visitors enjoy golfing, tennis, kayaking, hiking, biking, fishing, boating, horseback riding, surfing, and more.  Swim with the dolphins, enjoy a round of golf, watch a professional tennis match—all possible in Flagler County.  We have access to all of the metropolitan  advantages without the typical urban headaches.

While there’s plenty to do, you can always choose to just relax and enjoy the Florida sunshine.  This is why the locals love their hometown and visitors want to return again and again.

Arts and Culture

Music and the arts are prevalent in our community. From stage shows at Flagler Auditorium and intimate productions at the Flagler Playhouse, to outdoor concerts and local art festivals, Flagler hosts a wide range of local, national and international productions. 

PREMIER Public Schools

Raising Student Achievement Every Day, Every Way – Consistently, Flagler County Schools have been highly rated by the Florida accountability system. Over the past 10 years, Flagler County has been one of the fastest growing counties in America, and even with this explosive growth, our local schools maintained academic excellence. The creation of the Classroom to Careers Flagship Schools program offers the opportunity for students to train in target industry specific academies as early as elementary school.  Duel enrollment with local universities provides students the opportunity to receive college credits toward their degrees at no additional cost while still in high school.

Sporting Events and Theme Parks

We are in the middle of the entertainment hot spots of Florida. There are several teams within easy reach for sports fans. From football and baseball to racing, golf, and tennis, there is something for everyone.  Daytona Int’l Speedway is only minutes away and showcases the nation’s greatest NASCAR races. College football keeps the fans on their feet, while golf lovers take in the scenery.  Within a 2 hour drive, the wonders of Walt Disney World entertain kids of all ages. Business to beaches, it is all here.  

Award Winning Medical Facilities
 The Flagler Hospital Florida has been recognized with numerous awards in medical achievement. Additionally, Flagler County was ranked 13th among 61 counties in the Healthiest Counties in Florida.  

Outdoor Recreational Activities
The Intracoastal Waterway, bisecting the eastern portion of Flagler County, is navigable from Miami to Canada’s St. Lawrence Seaway and feeds the  more than 23 miles of salt water canals.  

Our  area offers 140 miles of  walking, biking and equestrian trails; an unrivaled 8,500-acre park system, world-class resorts, progressive education system,  state-of the-art medical facilities, a diverse multi-cultural arts scene and variety of shopping and dining options.

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